1. James Mhango

    I want to join the cause, because am social worker but in my country this professional is not well recognized, so would like you to help to be a registered.

    I have a diploma in social work and I would love to join volunteers services, any organization would like to get me in please contact me on this number +2650999206322.

    I live in Malawi and as of now I work as project officer but am not comfortable with job, because it is contrary with my profession.

    Please help me to join your forum and conference so that I can learn more things and know how to carry on my professional job as a social worker and meet my fellow social workers.

    James Mhango

  2. Aleida

    Hello There my name is Aleida Cubides, I am a Colombian Social Worker, Lately I am very interested in parenting, as I have lived for the last ten years in London and I have seen insatisfaction in children and teenagers no just in Colombia but even in this Developed Country. From here, London, I have followed the news around the world where we can see there a lot we can improve in the way how the parents aproach their role, we can write protocol and case studies in the subject.

  3. Danielle Lambrecht

    Hi my name is Danielle, I am interested in homelessness, equity issues, and human relationships. Many people in BC, Canada are living in poverty, and hindered by addiction issues. I would like to help, but it takes human relationships and organization and committment to make changes. Homelessness would decrease if we had stablized housing and if we do not have stake holders who are interested this situation will only get worse. Homelessness effects everyone!

  4. Rahul Shitole

    Hello Danielle, canada is already developed country ,if you want to do social work so india needs your kind a person.(rahul.shitole@hotmail.com)

    1. Anu Shukla

      Hellow i am Anu Shukla,at present MLA in Bihar Legislative Assembly.Human relationship and helping poor people is my hobby.I always use to protect downtrodden from exploitation and coercion in society and respectively help them in protaction of their fundamental and constitutional right.I have always been active in flourishing development schemes and policies of government in poor people so as to ensure their participation in developing the Bihar and uplift our nation.this is why I would like to join your forum and conference.
      With thanks and regard,
      Anu Shukla

  5. Felix Zamar

    I am a licensed social worker since 1981. I am currently the operations manager of PAKISAMA Inc., a national confederation of farmers, fisherfolks, women, youth and indigenous peoples in the Philippines. Our major Cause is to convince farmers to go back to basics and adopt again the practice of integration (taking care of animals, fowls for domestic/commercial consumption), diversification (avoid monocropping, plant other crops/vegetables aside from a major crop), production of own organic fertilizer using compost/indigenous micro organisms (IMOs) and organic concoctions for pest management. This is a daunting task considering that the chemical fertilizer and pesticides companies have a head start of more than 4 decades coopting government, media, the academe and the general public to use their inorganic products (products that make plants grow but is actually killing the land that should actually nurture the plants).


    Hello, Greetings and salutations,
    I am the secretary communications the forum community social worker ,in East Borneo/Kalimantan province of Indonesia country, I wish could join the event in order to increase global insights into about social workers , we hope there are sponsors who can facilitate the participation , thanks for the information, please contact us at Email: sekumfkpsm.kaltim @ yahoo.co.id cp.0543-5232209 (Indonesia country)

  7. Niels Peter Rygaard


    Dear friends

    I’m a Danish clinical psychologist working with deprived, maltreated and disturbed children in public care.

    Some years ago I designed a 15 session trianing program for foster family groups and staffs. It was tested in the European Commission project http://www.fairstart.net by professionals in Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain and Romania before the final online design was completed. You can use the “handbook” and the 15 “sessions” for training staffs systematically in care for young children in public care.
    The program is research based and very down-to-earth with video examples of quality care development and organization of work,translating research into practice. Results are positive, both in professional practice and child development, and it does not require extra manpower or money.
    It comes in English, German, Spanish, Catalan, Turkish, Romanian, Italian and Greek versions.
    As a social worker you can take the role of program instructor.

    The program is spreading rapidly into another 16 languages translated by volunteer professionals around the globe: Chinese, Bahasi, Arab, Russian, Burmese, Polish, Farsi, etc.etc. The new language versions will appear on the homepage 2012-13.
    For example, the program will be official standard education for the staffs of the 8000 Indonesia orphanages and their staffs, starting from 2012.

    Using the program only requires an internet access and a projector.
    I developed the program because I visited many universities, foster family and adoption organizations as well as orphanages around the world and decided to provide free access to professional education and development to the many people who work under difficult conditions. Realizing that the number of World orphans is increasing above the 143.000.000 registered by UN in 2003, I think the program has proved a needed tool for improving child care for children in public custody.
    For more info, or if you wish to do trainer’s training it may be possible for me to do local training: mail me at npr@erhvervspsykologerne.dk

    A lot of research and wonderful contributions from researchers, psychologists, social workers and educators, NGOs has been invested in providing the program globally. A follow-up EU project will spread the program further in Eastern Europe.

    I hope you will use it and pass on the link to child carers to support professional development and systematic work to improve child care.

    On behalf of the project group my best wishes for your work

    Yours sincerely

    Niels Peter Rygaard
    child psychologist

  8. Shiva Shrestha

    I am Shiva Shrestha from Nepal. In Nepal we have to change lot of things !

    1. Dorrit Bruun Olesen

      Hej Shiva.

      I was in Nepal half a year ago, primarely stayng i Khatmandu and meet a lot of the children from the streets and old poor people. I saw what happend when companies from other countries seet op a scholl or what ever, and stopped it again after 6 month or a year.

      And you are right, at lot of things need to be changed in Nepal, but the voluntiers also need to know, that its impossible to change Nepal in 6 month!

      You are living in a great country with a lot of problems, but I think that things slowly will get better becaurce there are a lot of people in Nepal who really are dedicated to make change.

  9. gclub

    This is a daunting task considering that the chemical fertilizer and pesticides companies have a head start of more than 4 decades coopting government, media, the academe and the general public to use their inorganic products (products that make plants grow but is actually killing the land that should actually nurture the plants).

  10. zenaida m. delez

    Hello I am Zenaida M. Delez, a registered social worker from the Philippines, and had been working in the foundation on abandone and neglected children since 1988 to 2010, at this present time I am a professor in an academe as an assistant Program Head of the Social Work Department. I am having a research on the elderly, on ageing persons. I have a concern on this issues especially in the policy making on how to improve the services and benefits to the aged people. I have seen in most third world countries aged ones are being neglected and lacks provisions. I am very much interested to join in this conference. i hope we can have some sponsors to facilitate for our participation, for the plane ticket. Praying for a support… Father bless!!!!

  11. Flávialima

    Olá, sou assistente social e tb com agricultores/as rurais. gostaria de propor intercambios em rede para construção de estratégias com outros países, trazendo para o centro do debate as quetões do desenvolvimento sustentável em sintonia com as estratégias de enfrentamento á crise economica, politica e social que se instala no mundo.

  12. Dr Ojua, Takim A

    social work practitioners must understand that without their diligent and purposeful work
    the societal problems will increase without limits. Let us together join hands as stakeholders to turn the ailing social economy and create a sense of self worth for global development. My greatest regrets would have been i i had not studied and become a social work practitioner..

  13. Ravindra

    Hi, I am working in development fireld since 2 decades and would like to under go short term international works shops/trainings so that it will enhance my skills and knowledge for effective working with the unprevilaged sections of the society. I request you to send me details.

  14. Vivian Ford Barney

    I am very interested in working with children and families in Social and Economic Equalities, and Human Relationships sectors.

    Please keep me inform.

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